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Monthly Archives: July 2019

The Point of this page is to emphasize, even though Square Dance started in the USA as the folk dance of America, it has spread over the world into many countries.

Please note that the calls are always in English even though some of the song lyrics are in the native language. I personally only speak English, but could have attended any of the dances in the videos below and danced happily after I adjusted my thinking to the voice of the caller. (It doesn’t take me long)


On the behalf of Buffalo Squares, here is a video from Swedish Square Dance Convention 2015!

1050805 55th All Japan Square Dance Convention in Yokohama

6th Taiwan Int’l Square Dance Convention on April 27~28, 2013.
Japanese Caller Koji Harai

Polish Square Dancing at St Stanislaus Polish Festival 2015

Germany: Darmstompers Square Dance Club e.V. in Darmstadt; Öffentlicher Auftritt in Darmstadt-Arheilgen 2017; Video von Hans Jost (Darmstadt-Arheilgen)