Learn to Square Dance
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  • Dress Code For the Activity

Can You Identify the Activity by the Dress code?

Often the dress code is dictated by the activity such as the Biker below where leather helps survive  contact encounters with the pavement. Many times I have stopped by a store on the way to or from a Square Dance with my Square Dance attire on. Many people will instantly recognize and comment on my outfit. If my partner is with me in dress, it is even more impressive to the onlookers. It makes for great advertisement for our activity.

Can you tell what the activity is by dress code in each picture below. Even the silhouettes are identifiable.

Square Dancing

  • Men: Western facsimile long-sleeve shirts. (Ladies don’t like sweaty men’s arms… for that matter, men don’t like ’em either.)
  • Women: Western facsimile dress with a crinoline petticoat and petti pants all in matching colors.

It is common to have matching outfits for the man and the woman. Often a club will have a club dress code whereby all the members have the same matching style and colors.